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Animator/Video Editor

Paul Odey

Experienced video editor with a creative flair and technical expertise in post-production. Proficient in industry-standard software, I craft compelling narratives through precise editing, color grading, and visual effects. Passionate about storytelling and delivering high-quality content, I bring projects to life with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to exceeding expectations.

Professional Skills

Color grading 95
Video editing software 92

Experience & Activities

As a seasoned video editor, I have honed my craft through years of professional experience and a dedication to refining my skills. My portfolio includes a diverse range of projects, from corporate promotional videos and documentaries to short films and advertisements. I excel in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, proficiently handling cutting, trimming, color grading, and audio enhancement. I collaborate seamlessly with directors, producers, and clients to ensure the vision of each project is realized. Additionally, I stay updated with industry trends and actively participate in workshops and online communities, continuously expanding my knowledge and staying at the forefront of video editing techniques.